Interview with Ric Perez of Radio KSFR, Santa Fe   

Jazz a la Carta 

"Music is to reach people, it's to make people feel good. You don't know what your music does... it's not my place to know, really... it's my place to do it... and to trust."

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Interview with Steven Harris  

San Gabriel Valley Press Syndicated 
The place for great tunes, tastes 
by Steven Harris Correspondent 

Gather 'round and pause for a community cause. Sunday's 6th annual Food, Wine and Jazz Festival will benefit the new Monrovia Public Library, which is slated to reopen in 2009. 

This festival grows more appealing and confident each year. With 37 vendors now on hand, there's enough food to satisfy everyone's taste buds. The varied cuisine includes prime rib, sophisticated salad and desserts. For the…

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