Kay Martin Band — 'Le Saboteur'  — Wins 'Best Female Artist 2021'

by Daniel Deprè, Indie Spoonful, Mar 4, 2021

Le Saboteur” is a unique and wild ride. The brass and bass make this a super groovy song that is sure to make you dance. To make this song even more unique the rapping is in French and is sung in a very quirky and off-beat way. The horn players are having a blast with this song and their performances pack so much attitude and sass. This is slowed down Ska music played on a sunny island where no one has a care in the world. Together all the elements combined to create an idiosyncratic and delightfully eccentric song. 

The lyrics have a very distinctive flair to them both in how they are written and what they are about. Lyricists Kay Martin and Marina Urquidi are writing about how we all have twelve archetypes that we enact throughout our lives. The lyrics go through each archetype like they are characters in a movie, and although the descriptions of each are brief, they are wonderfully vivid. You can see these different archetypes and easily relate to all of them. The lyrics are also written in such a way that makes them so fun even just to read. (English Translation) “Oh-la-la the mother, costs me dearly, Ditto the Professeur, maybe he’s a lure, mainly it’s the child who guides me now.” 

The arrangement is a glistening golden statue, and it is so beautifully bright. The rhythm played by the percussion is instantly catchy and provides a fantastic playground for the horns and bass players to jam on. The bass player throws in some tasty slides, bends, and runs all while maintaining the song's groove and foundation. The rapping vocals are very distinct as they are being sung as a duet, with one singing much higher than the other with a slightly dissonant harmony. This creates a very odd but very cool sound. It’s such an interesting choice how they decided to make a majority of the song instrumental, saving the vocals for the last part of the song.

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