Welcome to the website for music artist Kay Martin - 

             LA-based vocalist who performs regularly around California and beyond.

Listen to my groundbreaking World/Jazz Brazilian/Samba reggae music below, & read about it on this site—and let me know~

I hope you like it!

'My Man' and 'If These Walls Could Speak' are 10s on a scale of 10 ”

— Dick La Palm

My Man

kay martin

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My Man — by M. Yvain, A. Willemetz, J. Charles, C. Pollack

The Axe rhythms move from reggae to "the streets of New Orleans"

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kay martin: Live Concert in the Park—Sola! & Safe~

South Beach Park, Santa Monica, Where Barnard ends at the beach (Barnard is an extension of Marine), Santa Monica

Come just for the hour of the concert, 11-12, or before or stay after to enjoy the beach. The southmost (Samo) big beach parking lot is right there. Or! The gentleman who oversees the Wells Fargo lot told me, "Well I'm the only one who can tow cars, and I'm not towing any on a Sunday" :-) So park in the Wells Fargo lot, Barnard/Pier at Ocean, and walk towards the beach. Bring a chair or mat~ ~ Keep distancing please! Six ft. between parties. It's a pretty big area lots of room, park & beach. Masks highly recommended. In the interest of full disclosure, i have to say though—I will not be wearing a mask. So you should stay way back away from me!!—!! Really, at this point I'm totally planning to be there, to perform for you, for people, & keeping everybody safe. Would love to see you there! This "concert" is my Songs From the Year (s) of Covid music, been working on that whole time, and now I'm performing it and more in my New Real Music Career! — Takin It to the Streets!!

Loss of Live 

One of the (innumerable, reflective but less fraught) questions Covid has raised—with all our Zooming and isolation, and trying to do things alone on our own at home: I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between live, online, and recorded.  Working on my own recording process at home (with my new gear!), I'm thinking of projects differently during Covid.

It's like I'm starting from live. (And wanting to keep it simple!) How many takes, how much editing? Where does this come down, somewhere…

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