Welcome to the website for music artist Kay Martin - 

             LA-based vocalist who performs regularly around California and beyond.

Listen to my groundbreaking World/Jazz Brazilian/Samba reggae music below, & read about it on this site—and let me know~

I hope you like it!

'My Man' and 'If These Walls Could Speak' are 10s on a scale of 10 ”

— Dick La Palm

My Man

kay martin

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My Man — by M. Yvain, A. Willemetz, J. Charles, C. Pollack

The Axe rhythms move from reggae to "the streets of New Orleans"

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Boy, do we need it, but with this atmosphere [lit. & fig.]—this air—it just doesn’t seem possible. We’re all holding our breath, afraid of what will come in if we let it out.   

But we have to keep on keeping on, which is why I've returned to my Tre-Re, Retrospective Re-Release of my recorded music, where I left off when Covid came. 

Chega de Saudade, by epic duo Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes, literally means “full of missing,” or longing (although I translate it differently, you’ll see).  

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