Welcome to the website for music artist Kay Martin - 

             LA-based vocalist who performs regularly around California and beyond.

Listen to my groundbreaking World/Jazz Brazilian/Samba reggae music below, & read about it on this site—and let me know~

I hope you like it!

'My Man' and 'If These Walls Could Speak' are 10s on a scale of 10 ”

— Dick La Palm

My Man

kay martin

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My Man - by M. Yvain, A. Willemetz, J. Charles, C. Pollack

The Axe rhythms move from reggae to "the streets of New Orleans"

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In Memory   

The truth is, I can´t move forward with any more re-releases of the tunes on the Four Sweets CD without writing this piece—at least something—one of the more difficult of a lifetime of writing—about Enzo.  

In fact I can´t even find all the different bits I´ve written about him, scattered over years and hundreds of journal pages, never to be resurrected.  

I first met Enzo (Todesco, who played drums on my Four Sweets CD) at a gig down at one of the hotels near the airport, where they used to have jazz…

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