The Final Tre-Re:  Day After Day 

Except it isn’t a Tre-Re (Retrospective Re-Release) really, since this has never been publicly released. A few of you have heard it~  

This is the final song recorded with this band, after the other four that are the Four Sweets CD (and after Le saboteur, really a remix of My Man released as a single) with that best band Ever~:  Liz Kinnon, keys, arrangement, and direction~ Hussain Jiffry bass, Enzo Todesco drums, Roberto Montero guitar, and Kirk Brundage percussion— 

This, Day After Day, a rendition of the great Dulce Amor, with my original English lyrics—!!—features a special appearance by Richard Mitchell on sax (who with his Pantages buddies are the horn section on My Man & Le saboteur~). 

And yet this is the first song I worked on for that project: Liz (& her husband Richard) & I prepared a demo for the composer long before Four Sweets. To make a looong story short, pianist and composer Rodgers Grant approached me in the aughts about his music, which I loved; I performed three of his songs over the years: He wrote the monster hit Yeh-Yeh (with Pat Patrick) that Jon Hendricks wrote lyrics for and performed. Rodgers wrote the lush Dulce Amor while playing piano with Mongo Santamaria’s band, and it became an instant classic with Hubert Laws playing. 

Rodgers Grant had been contacting singers—whose work he found online and liked :-) —to sing his songs and even to write for him: He wanted English lyrics for Dulce Amor, so I took that on. I worked on it many years, did that demo of it for him with Liz and Dick (Richard). That was before the original tracking to this recorded version, which was our last-minute fifth song we laid down that day with the whole band for the Four Sweets CD. This was the only one not Brazilian blends, but a classic bolero.  That was Jan. 13, 2010, not an easy date to forget! 

Unfortunately Rodgers was ill the later years I knew him, and died in 2012. His longtime friend and publisher Don Sickler of Second Floor Music etc. has his portfolio, and kindly gave me permission to release this version with my English lyrics. 

So here it is, the climactic (!!) ending to my Tre-Re campaign: Day After Day, music by Rodgers Grant, lyrics by Kay Martin, performed by the Kay Martin Band with special guest Richard Mitchell. 

In my lyric story, the main verses are intended to be daytime, and the intervals, night. 

I hope you like it!

Day After Day (Dulce Amor)

kay martin band

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Composition by Rodgers Grant, original English lyrics by Kay Martin, performed by the Four Sweets band with guest appearance by Richard Mitchell.

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