New Tre-Re!!

A Felicidade ~ Reaching towards Live 

This Tre-Re (retrospective re-release), A Felicidade (click at bottom of page) is many people’s favorite from the Four Sweets project. The last from that album, A Felicidade—like Chega de Saudade—is archetypal Jobim and de Moraes, and I think you’ll see (hear) that we worked to evoke horizons larger than the personal—wider and deeper vis-à-vis culture, and the natural world. 

But thinking about the question of takes and editing (see my recent blog=click blog above). . . the vocal improvs on this recording were of course not really improvised, since I scored and practiced them—though they morphed through the process, as everything does. We recorded them in one or two takes. Paul Tavenner, intrepid engineer and crack musician, said something like “I wouldn’t touch it,” that we should leave it alone.  So we did :) 

Also, to me it was important that all the tracking on the Four Sweets CD was done “live”; i.e., all in the studio at the same time, really playing together (to-gather?) and I felt this tune came the closest to feeling live. And speaking of takes (and forever trying to remedy the loss of live)—see if you can hear Liz’s “Keith Jarrett moment” (as she facetiously called it) at the climax of her solo, and her spontaneous comment at the very end :). A special thanks to Hussain Jiffry on bass for his gorgeous solo that enabled me to create a duet with him~  And shout-outs here to all this band—Liz Kinnon, Hussain Jiffry, Roberto Montero, Kirk Brundage, and Enzo Todesco (dear departed brother)—for their stunning artistry and unique contributions. 

Ps. To see the lyrics translated into English, click on epk above, then on “About the Songs.”