New Tre-Re!! If These Walls Could Speak 

I told you before that My Man is my favorite (recording) of mine—and it is—but I think this one might be the best? ~ If These Walls Could Speak. It´s more cohesive, & such an exquisite Jimmy Webb gem. From Jimmy W through Shawn Colvin, through the Shady Characters (then we were the Playtime band), to me, in my great good fortune to be able to interpret this jewel of a tune in Afro Brazilian rhythms, working with this stellar international band! 

If These Walls started as Brazilian merengue (not the same as Caribbean/Mexican) but the feel evolved with the interpretation—and the meter changes so it´s very composed, jazz-like. Then in the 2nd part the rhythm changes to rock, except that Roberto also plays reggae guitar, making it more a rock-reggae blend. Voila! 

And don´t get me started on the lyrics. . . 
Come hear me perform it live and I´ll tell you the story!