—Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs 

"Kay Martin serves up some gumbo-style reggae seasoned with a taste of afro samba, and how 'Sweet' it is! Now let's Dance!" 

Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs 
The JaZzLine Institute, KKUP 91.5fm/KPFA 94.1fm

—Dick La Palm

"'My Man' and 'If These Walls Could Speak'  are 10s on a scale of 10" 


—Radio Airplay

"very interesting and fresh new twist— wide audience appeal— fusion and concept, all works well together" 

Kay Martin Band gives a fresh twist on a classic jazz standard, with a delicious salad of sounds. This new cover of My Man…

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—BWH Music Group 

"fresh new flavor— extremely engaging— captivating musical landscape" 

Your ears will be locked in from start to finish as the band delights with top-rate arranging, production, and stellar musicianship. Kay's vocals stay true to the original songwriter's intent with subtle…

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—Daniel Deprè, Indie Spoonful

“a unique and wild ride— their performances pack so much attitude and sass—delightfully eccentric” 

The lyrics have a very distinctive flair. . . . The arrangement is a glistening golden statue, and it is so beautifully bright. The rhythm played…

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—Composer Rodgers Grant on the "Softly" CD:

"true pros— wonderful"

These guys are true pros. [They] swing in any genre!! You sound amazingly comfortable knowing the guys are "doin' it" behind you. The soloists, bass and horn, on "Softly" are wonderful. I enjoyed the entire CD. Keep…

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kay martin - story —the germination of the amazing Four Sweets project 52.6 KB
about the songs —some of these need further explanation! Especially My Man~ 74.5 KB
booking 33.8 KB

"My Man is such a fun arrangement... with the sexy French rap at the end!!  Wonderful fresh take on that tune!  Bravo!  Excellent mix — I love it!"

Jackie Ryan

"Kay Martin...she has great vocal control and does things with the music that brings back to mind the great vocalists of old.

Kay Martin innovates and that is, i believe, the power of the music and i know it is the power of her clear and exciting voice. If this country ever comes to really understand the importance of jazz it will be thru the work of the likes of Kay Martin."

Jim Compton-Schmidt
Jazz—America’s World Music
KFCF 88.1 fm


contact kay

kay is available & eager to perform her unique mix of cool jazz, Brazilian, blues, and indie /Americana in duo accompanied by guitar, trio with percussion added, or with full band—& dance bands to order!  please call 310-902-4801 for more information or use the contact form—thanks!