Rewind to the Run-up

I’m afraid I’ll have to write a book to tell you of my travels in Europe and Morocco during 2022 & beyond—but for now I’ll just thank you for your interest, especially the many of you who followed my adventures on Facebook and Instagram (& the pics are still there!)~ 

The headlines now are: I’m (re-) integrating into my (previous & new) life in Santa Cruz (Aptos), moved back into my “big” house, and am working to get my life balanced and functioning and my creative projects moving forward. 

I did do 9 concerts over the 13+ months I was traveling—in Sicily (Punta Secca), Cordoba, Aveiro (Portugal), Wales, Dijon (FR), Poggibonsi (IT), Bari (IT), Assilah (Morocco), and Essaouira (Morocco). I have some (phone!) video for 6 of these. The others just floated out into the ether surrounding those who heard and enjoyed~

Now I mainly want to tell you about the overarching music project since 2020 (oh yeah) that fueled all these. Covid did trigger some amazing growth for me as a singer. (Btw I had it for the first time two weeks ago, uuooof! . . . all okay so far!)

So my thinking was, Sola and Safe—at first recording at home alone, my then-accompanist Fefe Lee in his garage studio, and me in friends’ & family’s cottages & garages. But I had the lightbulb idea that Fefe’s tracks could become backing tracks for me to take it to the streets live, an ancient fantasy—and that then shaped my magical traveling experiences. 

Here’s the video my friend Jeff De Lucia put together of my first two pop-up concerts—daughter Manjula insisted I couldn’t perform on the streets of Europe without trying it at home first!— in Santa Monica, fall of 2021.  

Thanks for watching, & let me know!