My Kind of Tour

I can no longer say I’ve done a concert every place I’ve lived on this trip—but for the first four months after leaving California mid-January, I could!~   

Some context: the Schengen (a European alliance) law is that a traveler like me, legally a tourist, must be 90 days out of it for every 90 days in, so after three months in Schengen countries (Sicily, Spain, and Portugal), I moved to Wales for three months—and I only did one concert there. And then France for six weeks visiting four areas, with one concert in Dijon, and now I am in Italy for six weeks, giving a concert in each of two locations (Poggibonsi and Bari).  And then I have to leave the Schengen countries again—this time for Morocco!! 

My concerts have been pretty much of two types: regular performing engagements; and pop-up concerts in public places. The former, of course, feel better in many ways—but it’s entirely possible the pop-up concerts actually have greater effect, reaching more and more different people~  

In my previous (long-ago) blog I told you about Sicily and Spain (Cordoba); then I went to Portugal, to Sao Jacinto, a small semi-resort (Not wealthy!) town on the tip of the coastal peninsula across the vast estuary from Aveiro. So, my intuition was telling me, do the concert in Aveiro—an historic, aspiring-&-chic medium-sized city, very into their public areas and shopping and the good life. Aveiro is called the Venice of Portugal for its canals, which are charming, adorable.  So I did my necessary reconnaissance ahead (ferry & bus & walking) & picked a gorgeous grassy spot in front of some fantastic giant plaster white shell sculptures, near the turnaround basin for the biggest canal—and voila!  

The afternoon of the concert was beautiful, everything went great, the folks in the boats passing in the canal went wild, clapping & cheering, and many folks hung around, listening for a while or the whole time. And I have absolutely NO record of this!  Here’s to LIVE performance!~

Then in Wales I did a pub gig, two full hours (whew, I’m used to one!), well paid, and with a bunch of wonderful new friends there to warm the heart.  Of course we had that usual low-level tension between the folks wanting to hear me sing and regulars mainly there to drink. But those latter were pretty responsive too!~  I’ve got a little footage from that, which I’ll work into a video for you all somehow sometime . . 

Next time I’ll tell you about Dijon, France and Poggibonsi, Italy (Tuscany)~~  Friday night I gave my concert here in Bari!  In a pleasant & very livable & lived in nearby park. . .  It went great!~