Coming Out

So, I got the first streak of gray in my hair when I was 20 years old.  It could’ve been from running away to Paris when I was 19 and getting mono that turned into pneumonia with pleurisy and a “collapsed lung” on the side. . .  

Or it coulda been because I tried ironing it—my hair was always “naturally curly,” and for a time only straight hair was cool~  

Or it coulda just been my Irish side’s propensity to go prematurely gray.  

In any case by the time I started dyeing it, when I was 38, it was fully streaked with gray, even as it came most of the way down my back.  It may well have been—probably was—beautiful, but I couldn’t see it, thought it aged me.    

Fast-forward to now...  Well, it was time!  And I’ve been enjoying the new clean, no-nonsense authenticity of it. 

We know how persona is important—and especially for performers.  Performing live, I feel it as something I inhabit and convey to you, somewhere—someone—between who I really am and the story of the song I’m singing.  Persona to you—outside of me—is part your projecting back onto me, part like looking in through a window: we want it there, we need it there, but you want to see through it—in the case of my “image,” to my true colors. In the case of this new true-blue site, to my music.   

For the music is the important thing here, and this new website makes it more easily accessible to you.   

Poke around a bit, see what you think.  I rewrote my “Bio” & several choice descriptions of the music.  

And now I can get back to Re-Releasing my recordings!