Fall Back  

Happens this time of year, fall, and I am falling back—back into the past:-)—I said I would do this and I am. I’m launching my “Tre-Re,” a Retrospective Re-Release of my recordings~  

The plan is to start with my earliest recorded songs, and release one each month for a year.  I have 11, and then for that last month I’ll release a beautiful song with original lyrics to a monster jazz tune, never before released publicly, a recording that took me many years to complete~  as a final surprise!  

Many of you have never heard my CD Softly, which continues to get a surprising number of plays worldwide. The CD is named for the tune Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, but in truth it speaks for me very personally, because my whole life I always sang very softly, until I started performing publicly and had to learn how to sing out, in every sense.  (I thought everyone could sing, and no-one wants to hear anyone else singing loudly to him/her-self, right?) The rest of that story, of how my singing career was so very late-breaking, will wait until a day together under a crisp sky. . . on the sand, or on a river, or over a glass of wine. . .  

Meanwhile, enjoy the first song--You Go To My Head!  You can have a quick listen on the sidebar to the right, or get the lowdown and hear it by clicking here to see my new Tre-Re page!  

But you know what happens when you fall backwards? When you get up again, it's Thanksgiving!  Am grateful every day for music and for you.  Have a good one!  

and please keep in touch?