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Friday, August 28th, 2009 5:03 PM


What They Say About Four Sweets

Kay Martin serves up some gumbo-style reggae seasoned with a taste of afro samba, and how "Sweet" it is! Now let's Dance!
Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs
KKUP 91.5fm/KPFA 94.1fm
I first met Kay at jazz camp many years ago, and she had this dream to make this CD. I am so pleased that she kept at it, and has come so far in finding her own voice.
And what a beautiful voice that is!  I love her Portuguese, love the French—Kay’s voice has the perfect sound for A Felicidade—she sounds like a Brazilian! 
I love the musicians on the CD, particularly the arrangements by Liz Kinnon, who has also arranged on my own CDs, and is one of the finest musicians working in jazz today. My Man is such a fun arrangement... with the sexy French rap at the end!!  Wonderful fresh take on that tune!  Bravo!  Excellent mix—
I love it!
                                                                   Jackie Ryan
Internationally Renowned Jazz Singer
I am listening now a lot to kay martin as i put together my show (jazz - america's world music) on kfcf.88.1 fm, fresno, ca every monday morning from 11:am to noon...i like what i hear and i especially like what she does with the american song book/ standard material that she does so well.... i fear that we in this country have forgotten what made our music so important.  not kay martin, she has great vocal control and does things with the music that brings back to mind  the great vocalists of old...kay martin does not copy, no not at all, she innovates and that is i believe the power of the music and i know it is the power of her clear and exciting voice...if this country ever comes to really understand the importance of jazz it will be thru the work of the likes of kay martin....i am lucky to have some of her material to listen to and play on my programs....she also chooses great side persons to support her work as well...
                                                                        Jim Compton-Schmidt
Jazz—America’s World Music
KFCF 88.1 Fresno
My Man and If These Walls Could Speak are 10s on a scale of 10.
                                                                        Dick LaPalm
                                                                        “The Jazz Lobbyist”