Kay Martin Band — 'Day After Day/ Dulce Amor' - Best Song of the Year 2021 - Radio WNIR & affiliates - Review by April Kranz January 2022

The arrangement of 'Day After Day/Dulce Amor 'is tasteful and seductive. . . a sultry, relaxed, and thoughtful homage to the late Rodgers Grant 

Kay Martin is a regular in the Los Angeles jazz circuit. Although she’s frequenting the local scenes of Europe these days, Martin has made her name in the States with other well-known players like Liz Kinnon and the special guest of this track, Richard Mitchell. With other band members Hussain Jiffry, Enzo Todesco, Roberto Montero, and Kirk Brundage, Martin helped bring the vision of composer Rodgers Grant to life. The outcome is a sultry, relaxed, and thoughtful homage to the late Grant that is sure to comfort all our lovers and readers out there. 

The arrangement of Day After Day/Dulce Amor is tasteful and seductive, opening with a short and sweet sax/piano duo. Both make way for Martin to delve into her dreamlike vocals as the band inhales and exhales around her various inflections. On the first listen alone, it’s apparent that the band shares a bond outside of musicianship, with an incredibly tight pocket and incredible details dispersed through the track. 

The song holds sentimental value for Martin as well. Solicited to compose English lyrics for the piece by Rodgers Grant himself, the singer formed a friendship with the composer until his eventual passing. With the blessing of his publisher, Martin now gives us a taste of the late Grant’s music as the final release from the Four Sweets (CD) recording sessions. 

“I could see living day by day 

At your side 

With the workings and the ways 

We can’t hide 

Walking with you 

Talking with you 

Day after day 

My love” 

Day After Day/Dulce Amor is a lovely homage to bonds formed through shared experience. Whether it be companionship through love, friendship, or music, the composition is a beautiful work. Martin will be sure to find more fans across the pond as we continue to watch her career.