Loss of Live

One of the (innumerable, reflective but less fraught) questions Covid has raised—with all our Zooming and isolation, and trying to do things alone on our own at home: I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between live, online, and…



Boy, do we need it, but with this atmosphere [lit. & fig.]—this air—it just doesn’t seem possible. We’re all holding our breath, afraid of what will come in if we let it out.   

But we have to keep on keeping…


Coming Out

So, I got the first streak of gray in my hair when I was 20 years old.  It could’ve been from running away to Paris when I was 19 and getting mono that turned into pneumonia with pleurisy and a…


In Memory  

The truth is, I can´t move forward with any more re-releases of the tunes on the Four Sweets CD without writing this piece—at least something—one of the more difficult of a lifetime of writing—about Enzo.  

In fact I can´t even…


 Fall Back  

Happens this time of year, fall, and I am falling back—back into the past:-)—I said I would do this and I am. I’m launching my “Tre-Re,” a Retrospective Re-Release of my recordings~  

The plan is to start with my earliest…


Singing for Seniors  

Last fall I was hired by a non-profit group that provides music—live performances—for seniors, in community groups or in facilities. I bet you're thinking that’s nice, but not very cool.  Think again.  

I started singing in facilities when my mom…


Easter farewells  

Easter / Passover 2017  
Good (bye) Friday: A good time for farewells of different sorts, for releasing.  

And a going-away present (because some things are)—for all of you here!  
To say farewell is more hopeful, more forward looking, than to…


Breaking Silence for music in the desert  

No, nothing about that man, except by way of immersing in Mexican culture this last week, where I’ve felt comfortable and safe since my childhood in Riverside.  
Some of why I haven’t written will find its way in here—I will…


French rap revisited  

After releasing the video for My Man..  
 I'm getting requests for the lyrics to the French (archetype) rap, so here they are (reposted from an earlier blog) in French and then in English translation, with an explanation after (if…


Death, Coming Out, & Magical Music  

On June 29th, as I was driving north to oversee a tenancy change and construction on my longtime home in Aptos, I got the call from my cousin that my aunt had died.  I know—we are all going through these…


My First New Song 

 Either on the home or music page, you can click on If These Walls Could Speak, the first song I've sent out to my music people.  

I first heard If These Walls from Barbara Gerry and Mark Chetkovich when I…