Sunday, July 24th, 2016 3:37 PM

A little bit about the past--which doesn't exist anyway so you don't need much...

I think people do like to know about a person's past—like, where did she come from? And I have a great past. But a lot of my past, if I told you, you might think I was making it up...

So here's a little bio.  I'm amazed you found it!

I grew up playing guitar and singing folk, soul, blues and pop, but had crawled around to Ella, Sarah, Louis Armstrong, the Duke, Frank, & discovered Dinah, Billie (played nothing else for months), Louis Jordan, Miles, Clifford. I could go on, of course. Latter-day: Daniela Mercury, Marisa Monte, Dianne Reeves, Elis, & plenty of non-jazz too, the list is endless.

Life: was raised immersed in the melange of cultures (hence the languages) in Riverside—but migrated up the coast to Santa Cruz for most of my adult years, except for life-changing sojourns in New York, Paris, and Baja. Later Italy. Was originally trained as an actor and director, have always been a writer, but took to jazz and studied jazz with Ray Brown (the trumpeter not the bassist) as well as many wonderful vocalists.

Relocated to LA in '03, and the city of angels took me under its tattered but shiny and flightworthy wing. Have had the great good fortune to play with some of this city's world-class artists (my music now is increasingly eclectic—see About The Songs on the epk page)—& the opportunity to perform hundreds of times in many, many configurations & venues, in LA and the upstate bay areas.

...And the rest you'll just have to check out from here on out... or wait til I'm ready to include the juicy parts..  And the best is yet to come!