French rap revisited  

After releasing the video for My Man..  
 I'm getting requests for the lyrics to the French (archetype) rap, so here they are (reposted from an earlier blog) in French and then in English translation, with an explanation after (if you really want to know!)  

Thanks for your interest,... and feedback more than welcome!!  

C’est le saboteur  
Qui me fait peur  

Mais pas la pionnierre, qui,  
Toujours me nourrit  

Puis la prostituée  
Se ballade dans la journée  

L’amant, lui, me fâche  
Il est toujours si lâche !  

La rebelle en moi s’éclate  
Alors nous prenons date  

J’suis donc une artiste  
Ca éclaire mes pistes  

Oh-là-là, la mère !  
Me fait payer bien cher !  

Meme la professeure  
Peut-etre c’est un leurre  

Surtout c’est l’enfant  
Qui me guide maintenant  

La victime partout  
Les prend tous jusqu’au bout  

Le délivreur est la  
C’est mieux quand il s’en va  

En fin la déesse  
Est la source de ma sagesse  

And here’s a translation:  

It’s the saboteur who causes me fear  

But not the pioneer, who always nourishes me  

Then the prostitute… she strolls in the daytime  

The lover— he makes me mad—he’s always so lax  

The rebel in me strikes—and then we make a date  

Therefore I’m an artist—and that lights my paths  

Oh-la-la the mother—costs me dearly  

Ditto the professeur—maybe he’s a lure  

Mainly it’s the child who guides me now  

The victim everywhere—takes every one to the limit  

The rescuer is there—it’s better when he leaves  

Finally, the goddess is the source of my wisdom  

But it sounds better in French!!  

The French rap is about my archetypes, the way they feel in my life right now, only in French.  Got the idea from one of my influences: medical intuitive/mystic Carolyn Myss, who says we all have twelve archetypes. Archetypes like Jung’s—generalized patterns like story characters that we enact in our individuated incarnation in order to learn the lessons (or not) that it’s our lot to learn: we learn through acting them out—acting out through them—in our life narratives.  

The archetypes are neutral—they have a golden side and a dark side.  We all share four: the child, the victim, the saboteur, and the prostitute.  The rest are up for grabs.  What are yours?  

But initially I just set out to write a French rap, and I had one line, “C’est le saboteur…qui me fait peur…”   (because the saboteur sabotages through fear).  

And I had some other, lamer, ideas, and then suddenly I realized, maybe I could use all my archetypes and make simple couplets!  But I would need help.  My girlfriend Marina lives in France & creative work together is something we have done and will do :)  

So I explained the archetypes and how mine are working in my life right now and wallah!— Marina & I came up with more cool couplets that just fit and we worked on them.  

And the thing is, the 12 French couplets all just fit, in the ending we had recorded, the twelfth one just ends on the end of the song: magic! :)  

You’ll see it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek—but archetypes are pretty fun and very cool… and helpful, you bet.  Any effort at consciousness is helpful doncha think?  

Most important of course, is the song!