Tre Re!   (Retrospective Re-Release)

Thursday, November 15th, 2018 7:56 AM

November Tre-Re!

1 Softly
“You Go To My Head” was always a good song for me—in fact I'm going to do it again Thursday! :-) The song always put me in the zone, still does. I remember in the early 00s, Steve Peters, perhaps the best most reliable drummer in Santa Cruz Jazz Society circles, always asking me, “Do that Billie Holiday song you do...” Beginning with Tim Volpicello’s beautiful guitar and Scott Nordgren’s gorgeous tenor sax—then with the great Stan Poplin on bass, Art Alm on keys, and Steve Robertson on drums.
I particularly want to draw your attention to Scott's sax. He is a truly great, unsung artist who has suffered from serious health problems—Scott, sending love!
A fun little update: One of the lovely guys who work behind the meat & fish counter at my neighborhood market, Bob’s—his name is Brian—keeps this Softly CD in his car to listen to regularly—mainly because of this song, I think.
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